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Potential high returns

Under IA, returns to investors are based on performances of the ventures that they choose to invest in. Returns are derived from the profit of debt or equity-based structures of the bank's new financing assets, or a portfolio of existing assets in similar segments.

Independent rating on ventures

Performed by a professional rating agency with extensive experience in rating of financial instruments, facilitating in informed decision making by investors.


Islamic banks undertake significant roles in intermediating investor's funds including filtering of viable ventures, conducting suitability assessment on individual investors and continuous performance monitoring of ventures.

Broader choices

Investors can filter the ventures listed based on their desired criteria.This is especially useful to investors with specific investment mandates.

User friendly

IAP is a platform that is accessible anywhere, anytime, with some processes conducted online.


Access to IAP Partner Banks

Monthly pitching sessions are conducted for ventures that apply for financing online to pitch their financing proposal to IAP partner banks simultaneously.

Variation in financing structures

Diverse types of financing are possible on IAP including debt-based financing, equity-based or hybrid of the two.

Competitive financing terms

Financing application by ventures can then be screened simultaneously by interested banks. Ventures can then choose the best financing offer that suits their needs.


IAP provides access to a broad range of individual and institutional investors, thus placing ventures within radar of potential customers which privilege is normally available to established companies.

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Individual is defined as natural person either resident or
non-resident of Malaysia which includes sole proprietor

Business is defined as a body corporate and includes anybody of
persons established with a separate legal identity by or
under the laws of a territory outside Malaysia which includes
limited liability partnership (LLP), SME, firms and associations

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IA Products on IAP are Shariah Compliant

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" Malaysia has spearheaded a number of innovative developments in Islamic finance, with the aim to spur the vibrancy of the industry, such as the issuance of the first Sustainable and Responsible Investment Sukuk (SRI) and Green Sukuk, the launch of the Investment Account Platform (IAP)."

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Former Prime Minister of Malaysia

" In recent years, Malaysia has spearheaded a number of innovative developments, with the aim to spur the vibrancy of this thriving industry. For example: ... the launch of the Investment Account Platform or IAP as the first bank-intermediated fintech platform which intermediates investments in viable ventures and projects, ... and last year, issuance of Bank Negara's strategic paper on Value-based intermediation or VBI which articulates strategies to strengthen the roles and impact of Islamic banks towards a sustainable financial ecosystem."

Dato' Ir. Haji Amiruddin
Former Deputy Finance Minister

" This platform for the investment account is an evolutionary breakthrough that is uniquely designed for and driven by the industry. It will become a means by which both investors and entrepreneurs can experience and benefit from the new risk-rewards concepts embedded in the investment account. As an internet based investment platform, the IAP provides convenience and facilitates greater access thus allowing for the efficient channelling of funds from investors to viable economic ventures and business activities."

Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar
Former Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and
Group Chairman of Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB)

" This is the first time that Islamic banks in Malaysia have come together and established an entity to undertake business activities, which are of common interest to the banks."

Datuk Zamani Abdul Ghani
Former Chairman of IAP Integrated

" The banks have connections and their own people to identify good projects. When people put their money into the new investment accounts, the banks will have to mobilise that money into real transactions."

Datuk Dr Mohd Daud Bakar
Chairman of Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia

" is the perfect curation of crowdfunding, the crowd stands on the strong legs of the Islamic Sponsoring Banks to create Impact Investments into the real economy. "

Joann Enriquez
CEO of IAP Integrated

" The bank is pleased to be part of a strategic initiative of the Islamic finance industry to operationalise investment account. The partnership would bring tangible benefits to the IAP platform, as well as to our shareholders."

Datuk Adissadikin Ali
CEO and Director of RHB Islamic

" IAP is the only avenue in Malaysia today where local Islamic banks are sharing the relatively good returns from their financing of viable projects with investors via a shariah-compliant product called the Investment Account."

Tuan Haji Mohamed Izam
Former CEO of IAP Integrated