Earn competitive returns via shariah-compliant investment in companies involved in various types of economic activities.

To be an investor on this platform, you have to be a registered user.

Individual Investor

For individual investors, you can register online via here:

For us to better understand your investment needs, you will undergo a Suitability Assessment (SA) prior to your investment.

SA is a series of questions that can help to determine your risk profile in choosing an investment. Results of this SA will be valid for one year.

Based on your SA results, your risk profile category will be ascertained. The table below summarises the risk profile categories set by the platform and the range of corresponding ventures that suit the risk profile (based on credit ratings assigned on ventures).

Process flow for Individual Investor

Corporate Investor

As a corporate investor, you can register online via here:

Alternatively, you may also refer to the representatives from Sponsoring Banks to facilitate your registration.

An authorisation letter is required to enable your organisation to invest.

Process flow for Corporate Investor

Selection of ventures

Upon selecting a venture that matches your risk profile category, you can proceed with the payment to book the desired investment amount. In the event that the selected venture is beyond your risk profile, you will be advised to undertake further consultation at dedicated branches of your Sponsoring Bank.